Daniel Ottobre

(Update: Dan suffered a serious stroke in early 2013, disabled/retired)


Daniel Ottobre, previous owner: Las Vegas Tourism Bureau, Nevada Tourism Bureau, Nevada Tourist Bureau, Nevada Travel Bureau, Nevada Souvenirs and Nevada Auction. Operating without state funding, and 100% non-profit for his first 8 years, Dan brought millions of tourists to the state of nevada. Working without one day off in over 10 years, Dan labored sometimes 3 days in a row without sleep to meet the needs of visiting guests. In 2013, following his fathers death, Dan continued on until a stroke took its toll on his health. Dan relayed conventions and tradeshows to the state, group reservations, show and tour requests without ever asking for a commission fee. His enthusiasm and dedication to bring tourists to the State of Nevada went mainly un-noticed, yet he continued without the fanfare given to other paid organizations and their employees. Based on customer traffic, emails, customer reservation requests, reservations and referrals, Dan brought to the State of Nevada tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year! Statistics compiled by an independent marketing company, during a 6 month study, concluded his websites had high value and benefits to the state. Dan has retired due to deteriorating health. Since his first interested tourist visited one of his website/s in 1998, 18 years have passed, now 62 years of age, Dan had a vision, that is now fulfilled.


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Daniel Ottobre

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