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12/16/2014 12/20/2014 2014 USA Table Tennis National Championships Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Las Vegas Convention Center 3000
12/19/2014 12/20/2014 2014 USA Wrestling Holiday Classic Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas Convention Center 3500
12/28/2014 1/4/2015 Evolve 2015 MGM Grand Hotel and Casino MGM Grand Hotel and Casino 700



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Las Vegas Conventions and Las Vegas Trade Shows! Most of the Las Vegas Conventions that take place at either the Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Sands Expo and Convention Center, the MGM Grand Convention Center and many hotels share each others capacity. Currently every hotel in Las Vegas is in the business of swaying Las Vegas trade shows to come their way. The official site for Las Vegas Conventions and Trade Shows is Las Vegas Tourism Bureau or Las Vegas Tourism, located at attempts to draw those entities together to our beautiful city. All Convention and Trade Show calendar information has been communicated from the above locations to a central location / computer. The convention and trade show calendar data is updated 24 hours around the clock. We have Las Vegas partners who enable us to handle the wide range of conventions and trade show services demanded by business, and we customize the convention planning services with include professional personnel with worldwide international convention and trade show experience. Circumventing our business is our online international business expertise with trade shows and conventions.


Las Vegas trade shows never stop year round, month after month and these trade shows can range from 60 people to the hundreds of thousands. Las Vegas has the most hotel capacity in the world, simply Las Vegas can not be beat. The largest conventions and trade shows in the world move periodically to different locations, but we have found they always return to Las Vegas! On the Las Vegas Strip alone, hotel capacity is over 500,000 - our job is to keep those hotels full, or near capacity.  We provide superior customer service for our convention and trade show guests. In addition to hotels, we provide car rentals, airline tickets, tours, group travel services and group rates that must compete with other world cities. We are the Las Vegas convention center, official site for convention assistance. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are known worldwide as a leader for  Las Vegas Conventions and Las Vegas Trade Shows! We provide an intensive online Las Vegas City Guide, which provides Las Vegas Casinos, Las Vegas Hotels, Las Vegas Shows, Las Vegas Show Tickets. We have proved to be a superior location for the larges conventions and trade shows. To assist our guests, we provide: All Las Vegas conventions, Las Vegas trade shows, scheduled to occur in Las Vegas. We provide all support services for conventions, transportation to and from the convention center, venue construction venues for trade shows, discount tickets, catering convention services, 24 hour convention planners, Las Vegas Strip hotel reservations, large and small group reservations, all casino hotels, discount coupons for casinos and hotels. If you plan to attend a convention at a casino or  hotel in the State of Nevada, allow us the opportunity to offer you the best services Nevada can offer. Thank you for visiting Las Vegas Conventions Official Site, Las Vegas Tourism.


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