Las Vegas Shopping

3528 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Hours of operation: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday; 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday.

  • Distance: Approximately five miles east of the Strip on Maryland Parkway between Desert Inn and Twain Avenue.

  • Travel options: Bus, cab, private vehicle.

  • Valet parking: Yes.

  • Restaurants and food inside the mall: Big Easy Cajun, Cinnabon, Everything Yogurt & Salad Cafe, Flamers Charbroiled Hamburgers, Great Steak & Potato Company, Hibachi San, La Salsa, Orange Julius Dairy Queen, Panda Express, Sbarro, The Soup & Sandwich Company, McDonald's, Ethel M. Chocolates, Hot Dog on a Stick, Mrs. Field's Cookies, Pretzel Time, See's Candies, Sweet Factory, Tropik Sun Fruit & Nut.

  • Special features: Complimentary wheelchairs offered at the Customer Service Center. The security podium offers child photo ID and child trace DNA kits for a small donation.


BOULEVARD MALL REVIEW: With 1.2 million square feet of retail space and more than 170 shops, restaurants and carts, The Boulevard mall lives up to its claim of being "Nevada's Largest Mall." The mall has so many stores that it easily could be cluttered, but it's quite the opposite. The design is modern and functional, with block lettering in a simple, clean style. The walkways are adorned with palms, and it really does feel like you are walking down a boulevard -- but not one in Vegas! The Boulevard mall is where you go when you want to do some serious shopping.


When approaching the mall, the easiest entry (and departure) point is at Twain Avenue. Turn left and you'll hit the edge of the mall. Turn right, and you'll hit more shops, including Ulta 3, which has the best prices and selection of beauty supplies. Although the mall does have parking structures, there are plenty of close spots outside the mall. Our suggestion: park next to Dillard's.

Inside, the long aisles make you feel you're being led through the mall rather than navigating it. But once you get to JC Penney (which seems to have the largest selection of any JC Penney in town), the mall loops around by the kiosks. Leave no avenue unturned.


Be sure to check out the Mole Hole for fine collectibles, and take a walk down the Promenade to check out the carts. The bonsais at Osan Bonsai Fountain Creations are exquisite. For a satisfying and healthy meal, eat at the food court's Everything Yogurt and Salad Café. The restaurant offers much more than just salads.


The Boulevard Mall is only minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown and the convention center!


1. Sears (apparel)
2. K-B Toys (hobby, electronics)
3. Franklin Covey (specialty shop)
5. Hallmark (specialty shop)
6. Styles Hair Salon (services)
7. Millers Outpost (family apparel)
8. Lady Footlocker Triplex (shoes)
9. Kids Footlocker Triplex (shoes)
10. Footlocker Triplex (shoes)
13. Prestige Travel (services)
14. Coda (men's apparel)
15. Lerner (women's apparel)
16. Colorado (family apparel)
17. Yankee Candle (specialty shop)
18. Bostonian (shoes)
19. Lundstrom Jewelers (jewelry)
20. Sunglass Designs (accessories)
21. Hot Dog On-A-Stick (food)
22. See's Candies (food)
23. Tinderbox (specialty shop)
24. General Nutrition Center (food)
27. Frisky Pet Center (pets)
28. Tiffin's Jewelers (jewelry)
30. Bombay Company (home furnishings)
32. Ritz Camera (hobby, electronics)
33. Journeys (shoes)
34. Zales (jewelry)
35. Rampage (women's apparel)
36. Urban Planet (men's apparel)
37. El Portal Luggage (hobby, electronics)
38. Harris & Frank (men's apparel)
40. The Gap (family apparel)
45. Radio Shack (hobby, electronics)
46. Motherhood Maternity (women's apparel)
50. LensCrafters (services)
52. Robert Wayne Footwear (shoes)
53. Macy's (apparel)
54. B'Koz (men's apparel)
57. Lane Bryant (women's apparel)
58. Things remembered (specialty shop)
60. Gap Kids (kids' apparel)

61. Gordon's (jewelry)
62. Sweet Factory (food)
63. Claire's Boutique (accessories)
64. Suncoast Motion Picture Company
65. Underground Station (shoes)
66. Pretzel Time (food)
67. Sporting Eyes (accessories)
68. Ethel M. Chocolates (food)
69. The Nature Company (specialty shop)
70. Natural Beauty Salon (services)
71. Software Etc. (hobby, electronics)
72. Dress Barn (women's apparel)
73. Sam & Libby (shoes)
74. Vitamin World (food)
75. Afterthoughts (accessories)
76. Naturalizer (shoes)
77. Lady Footlocker (shoes)
78. August Max Women (women's apparel)
79. Crescent Jewelers (jewelry)
81. The Mole Hole (specialty shop)
82. Contempo Casuals (women's apparel)
84. Victoria's Secret (women's apparel)
85. Hot Cats (family apparel)
86. Spencer Gifts (specialty shop)
87. Foot Action (shoes)
88. Mr. Rags (family apparel)
90. Modern Woman (women's apparel)
91. Dillard's (apparel)
92. Trade Secret Beauty Salon (services)
93. Photomania (services)
95. Styles for Less (women's apparel)
96. Wilsons, the Leather Experts (family APPAREL
97. B. Dalton Bookseller (books)
98. Payless Shoe Source (shoes)
100. Casual Corner and the Petite Sophisticate
101. Baker (shoes)
102. Wet Seal (women's apparel)
103. Sam Goody (hobby, electronics)
104. Famous Footwear (shoes)
105. Bath & Body Works (specialty shop)
106. Express (women's apparel)
107. Structure (men's apparel)
108. Forever 21 (women's apparel)
109. American Eagle (family apparel)
110. Charlotte's Room (family apparel)
111. Gymboree (kids apparel)
113. The Disney Store (specialty shop)
114. American Realty (services)
115. Kiddie Kandids (services)
116. Brookstone (specialty shop)
118. Nevada Bell Wireless (hobby, electronics)
120. The San Francisco Music Box Company
121. Kids Footlocker (shoes)
122. Jagged Edge (family apparel)
123. Hot Topic (specialty shop)
124. Sanrio Surprise (hobby, electronics)
125. African & World Imports (specialty shop)
126. Gloria Jean's Gourmet Coffees (food)
127. Mrs. Field's Cookies (food)
128. Wild Pair (shoes)
130. JC Penney (apparel)
132. Mark Bros. Jewelers (jewelry)

133. The Chainery (jewelry)
134. Whitehall Co. Jewelers (jewelry)
135. The Body Shop (specialty shop)
137. Charlotte Russe (women's apparel)
138. Not listed on map
139. Wherehouse Records (hobby, electronics)
140. Reference (family apparel)
141. Cinnabon (food court)
143. La Salsa (food court)
144. Flamers Charbroiled Hamburgers (food court)
145. Great Steak & Potato Company (food court)
146. Hibachi San (food court)
147. Sbarro (food court)
148. Panda Express (food court)
149. The Soup & Sandwich Company (food court)
151. Big Easy Cajun (food court)
152. Orange Julius and Dairy Queen (food court)
153. Everything Yogurt & Salad Cafe (food court)
154. Roland's of Las Vegas (women's apparel)
155. McDonald's
157. Champs Sports (hobby, electronics)
160. Marshalls (apparel)
162. Ulta 3 Cosmetics & Salon (services)
165. Good Guys (hobby, electronics)
170. Ted Weins Firestone (services)
171. IHOP (restaurant)
172. Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill (restaurant)

K2. ALLTELL (hobby, electronics)
K3. Sunglass Designs Too (accessories)
K4. Tropik Sun Fruit & Nut (food)

C-1. Sprint PCS
C-3. The Hollywood Store
C-6. Traci's Treasures
C-7. Writer's Edge
C-8. Millenium Shades
C-9. Allstate Keychains
C-10. Silver Shop
C-11. Linda Ray's Gifts
C-12. Heaven Scent
C-13. Quallets
C-15. Candle Creations
C-16. Leather of the World
C-17. Bean Buddies and Friends
C-18.Fragrance Emporiumm
C-20. Magnets 'n' Memories
C-21. Moa 4 Kids
C-22. True Colors
C-23. Metabolife
C-24. Lucky Souvenirs
C-26. Tupperware
C-29. Decor Imports International
C-33. Silver Moon
C-34. No store yet
C-35. Bag Biz
C-36. Sweet Home Gifts
C-37. Osan Bonsai Fountain Creations
C-38. Fashion Mongers
C-39. Soho Accessories
C-40. Metaboburn

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