Las Vegas Shopping

Grand Canal Shoppes
at the Venetian Casino Hotel
3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada


Hours of operation: 10 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 10 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.


Distance: Located inside the Venetian hotel-casino at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road.


Travel options: Bus, cab, private vehicle.


Valet parking: Yes, at the Venetian.


Restaurants and food inside the mall: Carnevale Coffee Bar, Towers Deli, Vico's Burritos, Seaport, Panda, Pizarella by Piero, Haagen Dazs, Canaletto, Godiva, Tsunami, Zeffirino, Tintoretto Bakery, WB Stage 16, Chulas, Postrio, Taqueria Canonita.


CANAL SHOPPES REVIEW: With a painted fresco overhead, spacious walkways and a gondola-laden canal, the Venetian provides the perfect ambience for shopping. Using the canal as a guide, patrons sweep along twists and turns, with plenty to browse along the journey. The strolling juggler and the Venetian quartet, dressed in regal opulence, keep all entertained. Want to listen to some classical music? Check out the harpist located just beyond the Great Hall. Need some amusement? The human statue stationed in St. Mark's Square's got plenty.


You can almost hear the birds chirping (or is it the violinists?) as you walk among the detailed facades and street lamps, popping in and out of shops. The walkways converge in the simulated open-air St. Mark's square, where vendors offer Venetian glass figurines, trinket boxes and other souvenirs on their carts. Mosey around the spacious marketplace in search of treasures -- modest glass-blown figurines can be had for approximately $20. Masks, pens and other baubles are also abundant. And, of course, there's plenty of Venetian-logo merchandise for those who want to take home a more direct reminder.


This is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll -- even if you just want to window-shop, no one will bother you. Shopkeepers are attentive and courteous but don't hover over your shoulder. The specialty stores are what make the Grand Canal Shoppes special. The Venetian glass found here is exquisite; don't miss Ripa de Monti for the best selection of hand-blown fish, dolphins and other aquatic life. Next door, at Il Prato, you'll find masks, marionettes and fine papers, as well as ornate frames, mirrors and delicate accoutrements for creating a personalized wax seal. This is one selection you'll want to buy out. The Regis Gallerie boasts fine bronze pieces and Faberge eggs. But look behind you before you turn!


The merchandise at the Grand Canal Shoppes is top-notch, and entertainment options abound for those who want to amplify their shopping experience. The Gondola Ride, the Venetian's most popular attraction, is located in St. Mark's Square. Modeled after Venetian gondolas, the ride takes passengers on a half-mile journey through the heart of the shopping center and gives them a chance to see the sights. Tickets go for $10 per adult, and only same-day reservations are accepted. Be sure to arrive as early as possible, because tickets sell out quickly. If you're looking for a bumpier ride, try the Theaters of Sensation, at the food court entrance. And Madame Tussaud's Celebrity Encounter (a wax museum) is always a good bet.


The layout of the shopping area allows patrons to navigate with ease. Beginning at the parking structure, enter the shops at Level 3, at the food court. Take a right and follow the canal to St. Mark's Square, cross to the other side, and you'll arrive at the Great Hall. From here, you can return to the garage and catch the stores you missed, take the escalators down to the casino, or exit to the Strip. Those coming from the Strip should enter at the Grand Canal Shoppes, adjacent to Madame Tussaud's, walk to the right, cross over at St. Mark's Square and then return on the left.


While in the Great Hall, a replica of Doge's Palace in Venice, stop for lunch at the WB Stage 16 restaurant. Modeled after the movie sets of Casablanca, Batman and Ocean's 11, the WB Restaurant is a great place for an expensive lunch and a heavy helping of atmosphere. Most entrees here are less than $12; the lasagna pizza is one of the best items on the menu. Drinks will set you back a pretty penny here, but there's a wonderful selection of martinis. Try one. For evening cocktails, try the swanky Jack's Velvet Lounge, just upstairs from the restaurant. Jack's balcony offers the perfect spot to watch the Mirage volcano erupt.


And don't miss the charming Toys International directly across the Great Hall from the WB Restaurant. Here you'll find a wonderful selection of Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, toy cars, water toys, wooden cutouts, etc. It's a great place to find baby toys, but all kids, young and old, will love it. 

   CANAL SHOPPES DIRECTORY 1. Sephora (specialty shop)
2. Madam Tussaud's Celebrity Encounter 3. Agatha (jewelry)
4. Toys International (toys)
5. Brookstone (gifts, specialty shop)
6. Dolce due (specialty shop)
7. Marshall Rousso (women's and men's apparel)
8. Regis Gallerie (art gallery)
9. Ancient Creations (specialty shop)
10. Ann Taylor (women's apparel)
11. Banana Republic
12. Kenneth Cole
13. Country Rock & Roll (specialty shop)
14. Buon Giorno (gifts)
15. Ciao (gifts)
16. Diamond Resorts (specialty shop)
17. Privilege (shoes, women's apparel)
18. Ripa de Monti (specialty shop)
19. Taqueria Canonita (restaurant)
20. Carnevale Coffee Bar (specialty foods)
21. Il Prato (specialty shop)
22. Towers Deli (specialty food)
23. Vico's Burritos (specialty food)
24. Seaport (specialty food)
25. Panda (specialty food)
26. Pizarella by Piero (specialty food)
27. Theaters of Sensation (entertainment)
Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes floorplan
28. Haagen Dazs (specialty food)
29. Photo Magic (services)
30. Welcome to Las Vegas (gifts)
31. Houdini's Magic (specialty shop)
32. Bernard K. Passman Gallery (art gallery)
33. Rockport (shoes)
34. Rondo (specialty shop)
35. Canyon Ranch Living Essentials (specialty shop, spa)
36. Cesare Paciotti (shoes)
37. Ca' d' Oro (specialty shop)
38. Wolford (women's apparel)
39. Mikimito (jewelry)
40. Qualita Fine Art (art gallery)
41. Postrio (restaurant)
42. C2K (showroom)
43. Canaletto (restaurant)
44. Davidoff (specialty shop)
45. Godiva (specialty food, gifts)
46. Tsunami (restaurant)
47. Oliver & Co. (men's apparel)
48. Oliver & Co. (women's apparel)
49. Lladro (specialty shop)
50. BCBG Max Azria (women's apparel)
51. Jimmy Choo (shoes)
52. Burberry (women's and men's apparel)
53. Movado (jewelry)
54. Pal Zireli (men's apparel)
55. Acca Kappa (specialty shop)
56. Tino Cosma (men's apparel)
57. Lior (women's and men's apparel)
58. For Joseph (women's apparel)
59. Tolstoy's (specialty shop)
60. Simayof Jewelers (jewelry)
61. Lido Beach Shop (women's apparel)
62. bebe (women's apparel)
63. Zeffirino (restaurant)
64. Tintoretto Bakery (specialty food)
65. In Celebration of Golf (specialty shop)
66. New Balance (shoes)
67. Cache (women's apparel)
68. Kids Karnivale (toys)
69. Bertone (men's apparel)
70. Erwin Pearl (jewelry)
71. WB Stage 16 (restaurant)
72. Chulas (restaurant)

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