Las Vegas Shopping

Le Boulevard
at Paris Las Vegas
3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada


Hours of operation: 10 a.m.-11 p.m. daily.


Distance: Located inside the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino, just south of the intersection of the Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road.


Travel options: Bus, cab, private vehicle.


Valet parking: Yes, at the Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino.


Restaurants and food inside the mall: Restaraunts in Paris Las Vegas include Eiffel Tower Restaurant, JJ's Boulangerie, La Rotisserie des Artistes, Le Cafe du Parc, Le Cafe lle St. Louis, Le Provencal, Le Village Buffet, Mon Ami Gabi.

LE BOULEVARD, AT THE PARIS LAS VEGAS, REVIEW:  Le Boulevard is tres European. From the brass lamps to the cobblestone "streets" to the small, intimate boutiques, Paris is alive and well in Las Vegas.


First stop: the Ré Society Gallery/Atelier. A window into the printing site (atelier) allows patrons to view a 100-year old French lithography press in action. Inside the gallery, they are treated to a variety of vintage recreations -- the works of Mucha, a selection of pop art featuring Charlie Chaplin and King Kong. Celebrity lithographs, including David Copperfield, Judy Garland and Drew Carey, also adorn the walls, and a section is dedicated to Tom Everhart and his collection of Peanuts character paintings. There are also plates and mugs capturing the likenesses of Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol.


The Ré Society Gallery is located just to the right of the main entrance off the Strip.

Continue straight down the middle of the casino, and you'll hit Le Boulevard, the shoppers' main drag, where the majority of stores and restaurants reside (if only it were this easy in France). Les Memories offers intricately designed clocks, frames and other bric-a-brac; Les Elements, throw pillows and china. The charming Les Enfants offers children's hats, clothing and a precious selection of Madeline merchandise.


No boulevard would be complete without a good patisserie, and Le Boulevard has two: Lenotre and JJ's Boulangerie. Try the schuss aux fraises (light cream and strawberries) at Lenotre; it's divine. The shop also sells a complete line of kitchen implements and cookbooks. JJ's Boulangerie is a great place for a sandwich, and since it's also a working bakery, you can sit in on the preparation.

Le Boulevard is conveniently located in the back of the hotel-casino, near the parking garage and the convention center, which means you don't have to walk through the casino if you only want to shop. First-time visitors, however, should walk through to get the full effect -- the legs of the "Eiffel Tower" protrude onto the casino floor. Take a ride to the top if you're not acrophobic. Check out the lobby, which replicates the Palace of Versailles, with its ornate crystal chandeliers and plush circular seats. Magnifique!


Note:  Numbers not listed are convention rooms, restaurants, the casino and hotel amenities.

19. La Boutique by Yokohama de Paris
21. La Vogue (intimate apparel)
22. Les Enfants (children's apparel)
32. Eiffel Tower Store
33. Ré Gallery / Atelier (vintage)
49. Le Voyage
51. Presse (newspapers, magazines and books)
52. Le Journal (sundries, merchandise)
54. Lenotre (French pastries)
55. Les Memories (home accessories)
56. Les Elements (home and garden gifts)
58. La Cave (wine cellar)
66. Showroom Gifts (at the front of the showroom)
67. Le Paradis (fine jewelry and crystal)
68. Paris Line (women's designer apparel)
69. L'Art De Paris (artwork)
70. Clio Blue (jewelry)
81. Le Menagerie de Paris
82. Cartier Lunettes (eye wear and accessories)

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